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Passion. Creativity. Opportunity. We want our Team Members to be their authentic selves, always. We encourage career development and personal artistic expression, supporting talent every step of the way. No matter where you come from, or where you’re going, your truest self is welcome at MiniLuxe.

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Paid Time Off
Flexible Schedules
Wellness & Benefits Programs
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Nail Designers

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Passion. Opportunity. Creative Expression.

"Self-care = Loving yourself. It’s important to love yourself because it teaches others how to love you. How you carry yourself, how you respect yourself. How you present yourself to the world other people will give that back."
Bex, MiniLuxe Nail Designer of 5 years
"Self-care to me means peace and happiness. It’s everyone’s god given right to take care of themselves and that time is deserved. When you take care of yourself you're going to feel better and it will affect your environment. You'll spread that same energy to those around you."
Nicholas, MiniLuxe Studio Director of 1 year
"Self-care could mean a variety of things but to me it means everything. Starting with knowing your worth so you're able to give yourself the luxury you deserve, in any type of situation."
Anna Michelle, MiniLuxe Nail Designer of 3 years

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